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People get caught up in the health craze and often decide that not eating beef is a good idea. However, moderation is the key. It provides a good source of niacin, vitamin B6, iron and riboflavin. All of these nutrients play a vital role in the body.  Protein helps build bones, muscles, cartilage and skin.  And not only that, it tastes great!

I like to use organic grass fed beef.  If you haven’t had grass fed, it does have a different taste than you may be accustomed to.  For any of my beef recipes you can use regular or grass fed. Because I focus on healthy recipes, I do suggest using very lean meat unless the recipe calls for something different.

If you love meat, one thing to consider is buying part of a cow or going in on a purchase with your family and friends from a reputable source.  I usually buy 1/4 cow once a year. It’s nice to have all of that fresh grass fed meat on hand.

Here are some great dishes with beef:

Instant Pot Korean Beef Over Shredded Kale, Carrots and Cabbage

Even Better Than Granny’s Meatloaf (And Better for You!)

German Beef in Beer Roast

After my trip to revisit all the places I had lived in Germany last year, I came home and created this delicious and tender beef stew.  It's perfect for the fall season! This tastes best in the Instant Pot but you can also do it on the stove.