Homemade Kitchen Staples Ebook

This ebook is a collection of the recipes that I use often in my everyday cooking.

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Having these homemade staples already prepared and on hand in your pantry, freezer and refrigerator will save you a ton of time, plus they are healthy and good for you!

Some of my kitchen staples

What are my kitchen staples?

My definition of kitchen staples are the foods that I use often to make other recipes such as: chicken broth, beef broth, tomato sauce, tortillas, pizza crust, chipotle seasoning, grilled chicken and more!

This book will save you time and money!

souper cube with lid, 2 vacuum sealed bags with soup

Make it once, freeze it or keep in the refrigerator and use it in many dishes!

Besides the recipes, this collection includes links to the popular recipes that go with the basic staple recipe. For example, my Homemade Chipotle Seasoning recipe (large recipe version in this book) links to 9 other recipes that use the seasoning. My Parmesan Chicken Broth links to 5 different recipes. I also give you specific information on how to freeze these recipes. In addition there’s a Kitchen Staples Checklist at the end of the book so you can keep track of what you have in your pantry, freezer and refrigerator.

How is this book different from the website recipes?

This collection of recipes is laid out more simply, without all the fluff (as some readers say), and contains no annoying ads. At the end of the recipe are links to many of the recipes that contain the recipe staple (no searching to find the right recipe). In addition you’ll get the large format recipe of my Homemade Chipotle Seasoning – the one I use when I make a big batch of seasoning.

If you’re looking to stock up your freezer, fridge and pantry with healthy recipes, this is the book for you! (71 pages)

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