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Make a Celebratory List!

In 2008 I read an interesting and unique idea for looking back on the previous year-instead of setting goals, make a Celebratory List.

Don’t focus only on goals, but rather:

Instead of focusing on, “Did I reach my goals? What didn’t I do? What do I need to do, etc.” focus on all that is wonderful in your life and all of the great things you did achieve in 2018. It’s amazing how good this makes you feel! Make a list of at least 20 happy memories and achievements of 2018.

An example: my celebratory list for 2018

Some of my celebratory list items include (not necessarily in any particular order):

  • celebrated the fact that my mother-in-law finished chemo treatment and got the all clear, cancer free! Best news all year!
  • launched my new blog on January 28th
  • celebrated my birthday with one of my best friends – Heather – in my favorite place – Monterey, CA
  • celebrated my youngest son graduating and celebrated the fact he found a fabulous job
  • celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary by going on a cruise to Alaska with friends
  • kept off all the weight that I lost the previous year
  • celebrated my 2 year anniversary with Weight Watchers
  • went to Indiana to meet Mike Daggett (aka Fatdag) and the Operation Fatdag team, and joined the board
  • attended my first food blogging conference – Everything Food
  • spent more time this year than ever with my aunt and uncle, great times!
  • strengthened my friendship with an old friend who became one of my new best friends – Cheryl
  • celebrated my mom recovering from pneumonia
  • celebrated my husband switching groups at work and also the fact he loves his new group
  • hiked a trail labeled “difficult,” first one! And I enjoyed it!
  • did my first Facebook live video
  • survived a major lower gi bleed unexpectedly at Thanksgiving – the surgeons and hospital staff in Florida were amazing!
  • celebrated my oldest son passing his EMT training
  • celebrated Christmas with my entire immediate family, son’s girlfriend of 6 years and my parents at Disney World (that’s a feat to get my sons together with their schedules)
  • and so many more wonderful things!

Once you start your list, you’ll be amazed!

These are just a few! Create your own list. It’s amazing how good you feel when you focus on the positive things in your life. And it’s also amazing how once you start, you really get going and realize you have a lot to celebrate. I’ve been making these lists every year since I read about the idea.  I wish I could give credit for the woman who suggested this, her name was Masha Malka I think. I would love to thank her! It really has made a difference in my life over the years. Plus it’s fun to look back at all of my Celebratory Lists over the previous years.

The need to set a few goals for the year

In addition to my celebratory list, I still feel the need to set a few goals for myself. So if you are like me and need to set a few goals, that’s okay. Just remember to keep it short. Choose only one or two goals. Don’t try to focus on everything at once. Remember also, you are human and if you get off track, don’t scratch the entire goal, just get back on track and/or revise your goal.

Happy Celebratory List Making!

If you do make a list, let me know what you think!