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Appetizers are usually considered small bites you eat before dinner. They wet the appetite and prepare you for the main meal.  They are great to serve at parties.  These days since I no longer eat as much as I used to, I enjoy eating them as my dinner.  Often times we will make a meal of a few appetizers, enjoy a glass of wine and sit around the coffee table listening to music. Makes for a great evening!

Delicious Spicy Jalapeño Poppers with a Healthy Twist

These delicious spicy Jalapeño poppers with a healthy twist can be made a few days ahead of time and are also great reheated as left overs. So filling and a great low point appetizer option! Only 1 Freestyle Smart Point per jalapeño! To make things super easy, I suggest purchasing a Jalapeño Grill Rack and Pepper Corer Tool. This post does contain affiliate links which means that if you click on them and/or buy something I may earn a small commission -at no extra cost to ...

Mini Chicken Basil Parmesan Pita Appetizers

These Mini Chicken Basil Parmesan Pita Appetizers are the first recipe in my wine concert picnic series. I belong to Chateau St. Michelle in Woodinville, Washington. Every summer they put on concerts behind the winery. It's one of my favorite summertime activities.  I make various appetizers and pack them away in my picnic basket and cooler. We spread a blanket on the grass, set up our short beach chairs and table, pour our glasses of wine and the party begins!  It's so much fun listening to ...

Healthy Jalapeño Adobo Turkey Sliders

These Healthy Jalapeño Adobo Turkey Sliders are a variation of my Scrumptious Turkey Sliders and use my Chipotle seasoning.  They are on the spicy side but not too hot. (You can always adjust the heat by using less chipotle seasoning, jalapeños and chipotle peppers). Serve with my Slider Bun, a dollop of my Jalapeño Cream and a nice salad on the side, all for 2 points! If you have the turkey sliders and buns in the freezer, you can reheat them in a jiffy for a quick lunch or dinner. ...

Crispy Creamy Avocado Chicken Bacon Wrap

This Crispy Creamy Avocado Chicken Bacon Wrap is a twist on Avocado Toast.  My guacamole with it's surprise ingredient is what brings it all together. And it also has bacon! Who doesn't love bacon? I'm sure there are a few people out there who don't, but please don't comment! This is a fairly quick recipe to put together if you already have cooked chicken and tortillas on hand.  It would be great for lunch or dinner with a side salad. Very filling!

Cilantro Chicken Black Bean Wrap with Lime Cream

This Cilantro Chicken Black Bean Wrap with Lime Cream recipe is adapted from one of my tea room recipes, Cilantro and Black Bean Salad. This was such a popular salad at my former tea room, Afternoon to Remember in Newcastle, California. The original salad recipe you can find in my afternoon tea cookbook, Twelve Teas to Remember. Unfortunately it wasn't a very point friendly salad with the mayonnaise and oil in the dressing thus the reason I decided to update it into a healthy wrap. It can be ...

Pineapple Salsa

This salsa is great by itself but is an excellent complement to my Pineapple Skillet Fajitas.  Basically a pico de gallo with pineapple! My family likes things spicy so I add quite a bit of jalapeño. It balances nicely with the sweetness of the pineapple. Feel free to leave the jalapeños out if you're not a fan of spicy food. It tastes great without the spice as well. I also like to serve the salsa in 1/2 of a hollowed out pineapple shell for a unique presentation.  

On the Go! Crustless Chipotle Egg Cups

I love these Crustless Chipotle Egg Cups best right out of the oven but they still are delicious reheated for a quick breakfast.  Just pop them into the microwave for about 1 1/2 minutes. Serve one with a bowl of fresh fruit and you have a delicious and filling breakfast. Only 1 Smart Point per cup with the Freestyle Weight Watcher Plan! I like to use my Kitchen Aid mixer for this, but feel free to mix in a large bowl. Here are the Chipotle Egg Cups flash frozen and ready to be ...

Slider Buns

Looking for a 2 pt slider bun? I often buy Franz Slider Buns and they are 2 points each, however sometimes I have trouble finding them. These actually taste much better! But who doesn't love fresh baked bread? If you have a bread maker, these are super easy, but even if you don't, I've included directions in the note section on how to do it by hand.  For the bread machine I use the "quick dough" cycle and take the dough out when it's done mixing. This recipe makes about 54 slider buns, don't ...

Thai Chicken/Pork Wrap

These Thai Wraps are great and hold up well for traveling if you put them in a cold lunch pack. I often take them on the airplane with me. As long as your ice packs are totally solid when you go through security, bringing perishable food is no problem. It's best to make your own tortillas (see my recipe) instead of the store bought ones if you are making them a day or two ahead.  Otherwise the tortillas break down and become soggy.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

These are the other wraps I take with me when I travel in addition to the Thai Chicken Wrap.  You can make them a day or two ahead, store them in the refrigerator.  They hold up nicely in a lunch cooler with an ice pack for my trip. Because they have black beans, cabbage and carrots, they also make a very nice filling lunch.