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Homemade bone broth or stock elevates your cooking to chef status level. And it’s so easy to do. It just takes time. In my opinion, making your own bone broth or stock is like having liquid gold in your freezer. You can’t replicate that taste in a can.

What are the differences between stock, broth, bone broth and consomme?
I’m sure you’ve heard the terms: stock, broth, bone broth, and consomme. So confusing! Is “Bone Broth,” just the new fad going around?

Here are a few definitions:

Stock – is actually very concentrated because it is made with lots of bones, simmered for hours, sometimes days on the stove and you use it as a base for soups, sauces, etc. A good stock is viscous from the breakdown of collagen in the bones and cartilage and should gel when chilled. That is the main difference and the fact that it is lightly seasoned.

Broth – is a more of a soup in itself. It’s lighter, less gelatinous, and is often more highly seasoned. Vegetables are often added in addition to the bones. Some people say to make it with meat, no bones.

Bone Broth – is essentially stock, but not as concentrated. Bone broth became popular a few years ago with the Paleo diet. Stock began to be called, “Bone Broth.” It sounds catchier than bone stock. My Instant Pot beef bone broth recipe is a combination of both stock and broth as it is thinner, not as gelatinous but it’s lightly seasoned. I do this on purpose so it’s more versatile and you can add it to almost anything and then add your own seasoning to your dish.

Consomme – Okay, now let’s throw in another term, “Consomme.” What the heck is that? Well it’s basically clear beef stock. It’s gently simmered with a mixture of lightly whipped egg whites and lean ground meat. The egg whites and meat congeal and act as a “raft” and collect all protein particles, leaving the stock, “clear.”

Check out my Healthy Beef Bone Broth Recipe!

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