Chicken is a great meat to choose for a main meal. It has less saturated fat than most red meat. It’s often easy and quick to prepare and is definitely a crowd pleaser. Very versatile!

My recipes usually include chicken that is prepared boneless, and skinless. If you are following the ww plan, the breasts have 0 points and are often preferred. As a cook however, I actually prefer the thighs because they are more moist and have more flavor. So when preparing recipes from my site, if you have the points, always use the boneless, skinless thighs for best flavor.

Because chicken is such a popular meat in our house, we grill about 6 pounds of it almost every weekend for lunches and quick dinners throughout the week. My kids take it in their lunches and put it over rice with some veggies, we put it in tacos and my favorite way is to put it over lettuce greens and vegetables for a quick and easy salad.

Check out a few of my favorite recipes!

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