Main Dish

A main dish is the primary dish of a meal, around which the meal is built. Usually it involves a protein such as meat or fish, or it can be something like a casserole with protein in it. It is often accompanied by one or more side dishes. In recent times, in my opinion, the main dish has often become the “only” dish at dinner. I do think this is part of the weight problem in our country. People are too busy to cook and if they get the protein part done, they are happy. This has led to the lack of side dishes of healthy vegetables. People tend to fill up on the protein and forget the vegetables. My website is heavy on Main Dish recipes because I find it’s easy to add a simple vegetable or salad to complete the meal. More often than not, people are searching, “What to fix for dinner.” Most of the main dishes on my website can be portioned out and frozen. The leftovers are often great for lunch.