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Why do I have a, “Not So Skinny Recipes,” Category on Gourmet Done Skinny?

– Because I’m about taste! And sometimes you need a gooey treat or fabulous dessert!

When you know the calories and point values, it helps you to not indulge too often but at least you will know how to stay on track when you do indulge.

Sea Salt Chocolate Caramel Bars

Of all the recipes I've done over the years, this Chocolate Caramel Bar dessert by far has been the most popular. I have sold a lot of afternoon tea room cookbooks, because of this basic recipe.  The one posted here is a newer version than any of the versions in my afternoon tea cookbooks. First there was chocolate, next came caramel and now - Sea Salt Caramel. How this original recipe came about: It all started out with the name, "Choc Bars." I received the original version from a co-worker ...