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Caribbean Black Bean Soup-Instant Pot

This recipe was in my cookbook Amy's Favorite Recipes published back in 2010 and I have adapted it for the Instant Pot. The original recipe came from my mother's Army wives group when they were stationed in Texas. It's perfect on a winter day and freezes very well. I often serve it with my 2 Smart Point Slider Buns.

Lentil and Bean Chili-Instant Pot

Cozy up to the fire on a cold rainy day with a cup of this delicious Lentil and Bean Chili! Simple, yet filling. This is a perfect soup to serve for company. I let them add their own toppings. It appeals to everyone, including meat lovers,  vegans and vegetarians.  I love to serve it with my homemade focaccia.  Because the chili is low in calories and points, you can serve it with a few pieces of luscious bread and a salad on the side and still stay within your point range.  1 Smart Point ...