6 Healthy Tips for Starting the New Year On Track!

It’s that time of year again! You know New Year’s Resolutions and all of that.  A majority of people put losing weight at the top of their list, however, the goal often falls by the wayside by March. If this is one of your resolutions or goals for the year, let’s do something different.  Follow my healthy tips.  Instead of saying, “I will lose ___ pounds,” say to yourself, “I will make and maintain at least 6 new healthy habits this year.”

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Here are my 6 healthy tips!

Picture of walking shoes from Gourmet Done Skinny
Get moving! It doesn’t have to be structured, just get out and walk!

1.  Get moving!

It doesn’t have to be working out at the gym even walking is great! If it’s hard for you to set aside at least 30 minutes of daily walking, don’t worry, just get it in gradually over the day – by parking the farthest away you can from your office, or the grocery store, walking 10 minutes at lunch, etc. Every little bit adds up. I suggest getting a Fitbit or Apple Watch so you can keep track of your steps.

Attendance is key.  Don’t worry about how long you do the activity as long as you do it consistently, every day or 3 times a week, etc. Keep building on your time.  My good buddy, Mike Daggett aka “Fatdag” and his Whys Advice podcast says attendance is key. Check out his podcasts for staying motivated!

Here’s an example:  Go to the gym, park your car, go in and say hi to the receptionist. Do this every day.  Doesn’t matter if you work out yet, but get yourself to the gym. Eventually you will start working out. If you go to the gym on January 1st, do a killer work-out for 3 hours when you haven’t done anything in years, limp home -are you really going to want to go back the next day? Probably not. Start slow, keep building the habit of going or doing.

I did this with my elliptical when I first started WW.  I hated that machine so I told myself, “You only have to do 2 min, that’s it.” Next day I did 5 min, eventually I worked my way up to 60 minutes.  But it all started with 2 minutes.

2.  Make over your fridge, freezer and pantry immediately.

Don’t wait! No excuses. When you have the right things to eat, you will choose more wisely than when you don’t. Get rid of the junk. If you think, “Oh no, I don’t want to waste it!” Then say to yourself, “I can either waste it in the trash or waste it on my waist!” Which do you think will help you succeed at losing or maintaining your weight? Throw out the junk!

3.  Ready, Set, Sunday!

Spend a day prepping for the week.  I suggest Sundays, but whatever day works best for you. Be sure to buy your ingredients on a different day though. It’s too much to go to the store, come home, unpack everything and then make food for the week.  So do your shopping on a different day.

Roasted vegetables in a pan from Gourmet Done Skinny
Throw whatever vegetables you have on hand in a large roasting pan. Add a few tablespoons of oil, some balsamic or spice and roast in the oven.

On Sunday here’s what to do:

  1. Make a batch of Chipotle Egg Cups, store in freezer, you’ll have a quick easy, low point breakfast ready to go when you need it.
  2. Make a batch of Spicy Roasted Vegetables , Balsamic Roasted Vegetables or Roasted Indian Cauliflower Vegetable Medley. Store in labeled containers. The labeled containers are important, when you open the fridge, you see the label and your brain thinks, “Oh, yeah, I can eat that.”
  3. Make a batch of healthy salad dressing. I always make one of these: my Skinny Delicious Blue Cheese Dressing, Healthy Creamy Parmesan Dressing, Healthy Garlic Ranch Dressing, or Jalapeño Cream.  Often I will make two of them, so I have choices. They are also great toppers for chicken, fish or vegetables.
  4. Make one main dish.  It can be super easy, Instant Pot or crock pot, something you portion out and put in the freezer or not.  Making just one main dish starts your week out right.  On Monday you may come home and feel like cooking dinner but if you don’t, you have that meal already prepped in the fridge.

This may sound like a lot of work, but when you get in the habit of prepping, you’ll realize how much easier your week is.  And you don’t have to make egg cups every week, just every once in a while.

4. Make sure you get enough water!

Blue water bottle with measuring guide on lid
Make sure you get enough water! Often times you think you are hungry, but you are really thirsty.

I can’t tell you how much this can really help you maintain and/or lose weight.  Before you eat, ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” Often times we are thirsty when we think we are hungry. Make sure you get your water intake in daily. For me it’s at least 64 oz sometimes I do a bit more. Ask your doctor what amount is right for you. Keep track, it’s easy to lose count. I like to use this water bottleThermos Nissan Intak Hydration Water Bottle with Meter, Blue because it has a meter on it. You just turn the number when you refill the bottle. Makes keeping track super easy!

5.  Practice being mindful and eating slow

Be present when you eat your food. That means really enjoy every bite. Pay attention to what you’re eating. If you eat in front of the t.v. or computer, many times you finish your food without even realizing it.

Eat super slow. Take small bites, enjoy conversation, don’t inhale your food.

Stop eating before you’re completely full. This can be very hard to do but with practice it gets easier.  Often times if I think I want more, I set a timer for 15-20 minutes, if I’m still hungry after that, then I will have a bit more. Most of the time when the timer goes off, I’ve forgotten all about eating.

6.  Weigh yourself!

You don’t have to do it daily and for most people probably not a good idea, but do it once a week. It really helps keep you focused.  Remember it’s just data, but it gives you an idea of where you are and how you are doing. It also lets you see the general trend of things. Don’t let it control your life but use it to “check in,” with yourself. If you avoid the scale, you never really, “know,” where you are. Be sure to weigh yourself at the same time every day, otherwise you’ll have huge fluctuations.

I actually weigh myself every morning. I find for me it really helps keep me focused and on track. Of course there are ups and downs, and I try not to attach myself to a specific number but more of a range. If I eat out at a restaurant, I’m usually guaranteed to be up the next morning.  Sodium is a huge influencer on the scale number. I can vary as much as 5 pounds depending on water intake, sodium etc.

Nokia scale, with phone ap from Gourmet Done Skinny
I really like this scale because it keeps track of your data and it also integrates with ww ap.

You don’t have to have a fancy scale, however I do like
Withings / Nokia | Body+ – Smart Body Composition Wi-Fi Digital Scale with smartphone app, Black because it keeps track of my weight on the ap so I don’t have to write it down. I can look back over months and years and see the general trend. It also connects with Weight Watchers (WW) if you want it to so you don’t have to put your weight in every week on the ww tracking ap.

That’s it?

Yep, that’s it! Those are my tips! Keep practicing these tips over the course of the year and see what happens! I bet you’ll be amazed!





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