Instant Pot Kalua Pig

I’ve been making this Instant Pot Kalua Pig for many years but it’s even better in my Instant Pot.  This is one of the recipes in my recipe triology series.  The first night you make the Kalua Pig, Homemade Hoisin Sauce and serve them in lettuce wraps with rice, the second night you make Thai Pork Pizza-it’s so quick especially if you have the Whole Wheat Pizza dough already in your freezer, the 3rd night (if there are any left overs, make a big lettuce salad, add a bit of pork, add some rice, cabbage and use the hoisin sauce for the dressing. 3 meals in one!

Super easy to make! Just cut pork into a few pieces, salt, brown add water, Liquid Smoke, bacon bits and garlic cloves. Set the Instant Pot to the desired time and that’s it! Tastes like it’s been cooking all day!

This is the secret to the delicious flavor! You can find it in the grocery store usually in the bbq sauce section, spice aisle or near the salt.  Liquid Smoke is produced by a safe, water-based process.

I like to trim off the fat as I shred the pork. It shreds very easily with two forks.

Lettuce wraps with a bit of rice, hoisin sauce and the pork make an easy light dinner that everyone in your family will love!

Individual Thai Pork Pizza

Use pork leftovers for my Thai Pork Pizza. You can make a big batch of these up ahead of time and freeze them for later lunches and dinners. Just bake for about 10 minutes before serving.

Kalua Pig shredded in white casserole dish

Instant Pot Kalua Pig

  • Freestyle Smart Points:5 Smart Points for 3 oz. of pork
  • Author: Gourmet Done Skinny
  • Prep Time: 10 min
  • Cook Time: 70 min
  • Total Time: 80 min
  • Yield: at least 6
  • Category: Pork
  • Method: Instant Pot


No one will ever know you didn’t spend hours on this delicious Kalua Pork done in the Instant Pot.  This is a perfect crowd pleaser especially when served with my homemade Hoisin sauce. Very versatile, in tacos, on pizza, on sandwiches, in lettuce wraps or over salad greens-use a bit of the hoisin sauce for the dressing.

Smart Points:  5 smart points for 3 oz


3 lb pork shoulder roast

bacon crumbles (optional) about 5 tablespoons

2 ½ t. kosher salt or coarse salt

1 t. oil

1-2 T. liquid smoke ( I tend to like mine with 2 T. but see what you like. If I’m doing a 5 lb pork shoulder then I use 2 T. for sure).

½ c. water

5 cloves garlic

Serve pork with Hoisin Sauce


  1. Turn Instant Pot on to saute.  Add oil to pot.
  2. Cut meat into 3-4 big pieces. Sprinkle with salt. Brown meat on all sides. Turn pot off.
  3. Add water, liquid smoke, garlic and bacon.
  4. Press, “Manual,” or on some models, “Pressure Cook,” and set for 70 min. on high pressure with vent sealed. Allow pressure to release naturally.  If pork is not tender, cook again for 10 more minutes.


For a 5 lb roast, cook in Instant Pot for 90 minutes.

I highly recommend serving this with my Hoisin Sauce. It’s just not the same without it!

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